7 July 2021 – Joint Meeting Escritura and Development Owners Association (28 November 2021)

Joint Meeting of Escritura and Development Owners Association, 28 November 2021 
Dear Club Member,
I have not received an invitation as the papers for this meeting have only been sent to Escritura Owners.  The timing of this meeting is very relevant.  It has definitely not been called with the safety of owners in mind.

There are court proceedings in Scotland involving FNTC.  The result of this action should be known prior to Christmas. If successful this will result in the Club having the votes at the DOA meetings.  I am in Tenerife on 2 December as a witness in court.  If successful this will result in a leap forward in many respects of the dispute.  It is my view that the hastily calling of the above meeting is connected.  Note that no prior notice was given and there was no opportunity for anyone to send agenda items.

There are issues in relation to the agenda.  I will be writing to Mr Barrow and Snr Castro in relation to those issues.  I will publish my letter in due course.

I expect that the meeting will be conducted in the same way as previous meetings.  This will involve Mr Barrow being surrounded by lawyers and WimPen Onagrup employees ensuring that Mr Barrow does not stray from the party line.

Everyone is aware that WimPen/Onagrup will use its majority Escritura vote to obtain what they desire, which includes giving themselves a 6-year contract.  My view is that if Snr Castro is serious about Club Members being allowed to vote (Club members are legally entitled to vote in any event) he would take a vote on this prior to giving himself a substantial contract.  How will Snr Castro vote in relation to giving Club members a vote?  Is it right and proper for Snr Castro to vote for his own contract?
Yours sincerely,
Albert Fletcher

Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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