23 August 2020

The Reasons for the Dispute with ONA WimPen 

The Club terminated its contract with WimPen Leisure Management SA (WLMSA) when the relationship between the two parties irrevocably broke down within 3 months of Onagrup Vacations buying WLMSA in January 2015.

The factors that led to this were:

1. WLMSA transferred control and management of the Club to Onagrup without the knowledge and consent of its members and their representatives.

2. WLMSA had on many occasions refused to supply information in relation to Club Membership Register even though the Constitution is clear that this is the property of the Club Committee.

3. Changes were made to rental and other charging policies by Onagrup without consultation.

4. Onagrup portrayed Club Los Claveles on their public website in ways that had not been agreed with the Club Committee.

5. There was a clear conflict of interest with WMSLA being the Club Administrator but not  giving proper advice and support to members about the sale of the management contract to Onagrup, as was its duty as the Administrator.

Since that time, all of the actions taken by ONA WimPen, First National Trustee Company (FNTC) and the purported President of the Los Claveles Development Owners Association have had one aim in common: to control the resort and determine its future, putting at risk owners’ long term interests.

The actions they have taken in pursuit of their aim have only served to confirm their unsuitability. These actions are detailed here. They include collusion, threats, blackmail, willful obstruction, professional misconduct, malicious misrepresentation, perjury, intimidation, extortion, lawbreaking, lying, suspected fraud, verbal and physical assault, legal non-compliance, GDPR breaches, general meeting irregularities, obstruction of owner communication, and deceit.

ONA Wimpen continues to resist its removal from Club administration, forcing the Club to take legal action in Spain and Scotland. These legal actions can be found in the Key Documents section of the owners’ website https://www.losclavelesowners.eu  Further details of the dispute can be found in the FAQs section of the website, and in the timeline of events in the Updates section.

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