01 August 2020


Dear Club Member,

Sr Castro, Chief Officer of Onagrup and WimPen Makes Threats

It saddens me to have to report that Sr Castro is threatening some members with cancelling their membership of the Club and taking away their ownership of their weeks.  This is a diabolical act which will worry some members.  Sr Castro is deliberately threatening in the hope that owners will give in to his illegal demands.

Sr Castro is trying to take advantage of the fact that he is still in occupation on the Resort and that the Spanish law is generally slow and the courts are even slower now that there is a pandemic that all countries are struggling with.

Sr Castro has been written to directly and through his lawyers.  He has been informed that his acts of aggression, threatening to cancel Club membership is illegal.  It will not surprise you that we do not receive replies.

What is important for Club members to understand is that:

The Club Constitution is an agreement between the member and the Club (for which the Committee is responsible to administer).  It is only the Committee that has the power to suspend or cancel membership and can only do so for serious misconduct or failure to pay maintenance fees to the Club.  There is no requirement to pay apartment maintenance fees to WimPen or Sr Castro.  They do not act for the Club.

These threats have been made before and I assume Sr Castro will continue with his threats as he must be very annoyed that the Club has continued to oppose his take-over of the ownership of Los Claveles.  Sr Castro has not, to my knowledge, cancelled anyone’s membership as he is fully aware that this would be illegal and regarded as a criminal act.  A criminal act that could result in a custodial sentence.

My advice is:

If you receive an email or letter threatening to cancel Club membership or a threat to take your week(s) you must not only keep these safe for future reference/action, but you must also reply.  You simply say “Your threatened actions are illegal and unwarranted.  You have no right to cancel my Club membership or take my week(s).  Any such action will be vigorously opposed.”

My experience is that when someone makes threats this means that they are on the back foot.  Bullies cannot be allowed to get away with it.  I will do everything in my power to ensure the bullies are brought to justice.

You can expect to receive a communication from Mr Barrow who will be attempting to support Sr Castro.  Please ignore, “two peas in a pod.”

Please stay strong and keep well.

Yours sincerely,

Albert Fletcher

Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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  1. 4alandawson@gmail.com

    Wonderful to be on the path to obtaining our rights, my wife and I are of advanced years, but we hope to have our ‘celebratory’ week in our villa. Will there be a welcoming committee to guide us as much may have changed?

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