14 January 2022 – Update on DOA SGM

14 January 2022
The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth 
Dear Club Member,
I will report on 3 matters:

1.  The Club Resolution to Support Legal Action
2.  The Injunction
3.  The DOA meeting held on 9 January 2022

1.  The Resolution submitted to you achieved a very good response with a majority in favour of instructing Albert Fletcher to take legal action on your behalf.  The support was in excess of 98%.  This resolution also instructed Albert Fletcher to look after your interests at the DOA meeting.  You will see from the minutes of the DOA meeting, in the addendum, that this was done.

2.  The Injunction. The purpose of applying for an injunction was to prevent illegal resolutions with serious implications for Club ownership being voted upon at the DOA meeting.  The barrister advised us that this was a ‘done deal’, as the meeting was being held in England, was in the English language and the President, Mr Barrow lived in England.

It did not turn out that way.  The judge was convinced by the legal representative of Mr Barrow (who was introduced at the DOA meeting as being employed by WimPen) that the meeting would cause considerable inconvenience, as there were people attending from overseas, Spain in particular, and the matter was not of an urgent nature and could be challenged after the event.  It was for those reasons the injunction was refused.

3.  The DOA Meeting. I attended the DOA meeting.  The minutes and my statement are included in this email.  The information will also be available on the Club Members Website.  All the resolutions were carried by a majority, Mr Barrow and two others using proxies which remain to be challenged.


The resolutions at the DOA seek to formalise what Mr Barrow and Snr Castro have been doing since 2017, which is to carry on illegally invoicing Club members for the maintenance of the Club weeks.  This is to try and negate the legal actions that are currently awaiting final resolution in Spain.  I anticipate a flood of invoices and demands being sent out shortly by WimPen.

I can only repeat what I have advised before.  This dispute has only gone on for so long because many Club members have continued to pay over money to WimPen.  My advice remains the same.  Do not pay them another penny and end this dispute, quicker and cheaper than going to court.  You will lose your holiday this year but you will secure a long term investment.
Yours sincerely,
 AEJF Signature

Albert Fletcher
Club Member

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