27 March 2017 – Chairman’s Update

Chairman’s Update – March 2017
To all Club Los Claveles Members
(Copy for information to Escritura Owners )


Our solicitors advised us today, 28th March 2017, that the Arbitrator aims to complete his award by the end of April. They had hoped to have had a decision by the end of March, given the amount of evidence and legal submissions he has received. They also advised us that his fee will become due to be paid in the same timescale and we appeal to owners to continue to support us with their donations and loans to get us across the finishing line with one big final push.

Collection of Maintenance Fees

The committee is putting in place a new way of paying Club maintenance fees. WimPen’s contract will definitely end on 2nd May 2017 whatever the outcome of the Arbitration as it was not renewed. WimPen has been told by our solicitors not to collect Club payments beyond this date as their contract has ended.

The Committee notes that WimPen has already sent out invoices for payments due beyond that date. You should not pay these invoices as the Committee will in the next few days be sending out invoices for the period beyond week 19 (5th May 2017) together with instructions about how to pay these invoices.

If you have already paid your invoice for weeks beyond week 19, provided you have a receipt for your payment, you will be allowed to use you week(s) at Los Claveles. However, owners 
bring evidence of payment t
o avoid any confusion and upset when checking in.
The committee, for this year only, are prepared to waive the 10% surcharge for late payment for owners in the weeks 20 to 30 inclusive due to the uncertainty over payments. Dates are weeks commencing from 12th May until 21st July 2017.

If you have paid in instalments, do not make any payments to WimPen after 2 May 2017 for Club weeks as their contract has expired. You should also end any direct debits after this date and set up a new mandate using the new bank details provided with your invoice.

Escritura owners should continue to pay WimPen. The above applies to Club members only.
If you have any questions or comments on the update please send them to communications@losclavelesowners.eu.

Kind Regards,

AEJF Signature
Albert Fletcher

Chairman, Club Los Claveles.

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