12 April 2018 – Final call For 2018 AGM

AGM, Saturday 28th April 2018
Final call for attendance/proxy voting forms which must be
with the Chairman by 11am on Thursday 26th April 2018
Dear Club Member,

You have received information regarding the AGM being held at the Citrus Hotel, formerly the Holiday Inn – Coventry South, on Saturday 28th April 2018 at 11am. I write to thank the many hundreds that have returned their Attendance / Proxy Voting Forms. Your support in the future of Los Claveles is appreciated.

For those Club Members who have not returned their form I ask that you do so now please. They have to be with me, at the latest, 48 hours prior to the meeting, i.e. by 11am on Thursday 26th April 2018. This is a Constitutional requirement. If you have not yet obtained the necessary papers please obtain them from the owners’ website, https://www.losclavelesowners.eu  where you will also find guidance for completing and returning the form. If you have any further queries, please contact communications@losclavelesowners.eu

Please remember that this is your resort and as such your views are of paramount importance. Decisions are made at AGM’s that have long term implications for you and the resort. If you cannot attend, returning your form is the next best option. Please ensure that all the information is accurate.
If you are attending the meeting, please remember to bring the AGM papers with you as they will not be available at the meeting.

Registration will be open from 9.00 and will close at 10.45 (to allow the meeting to start on time). Any member not registered on the owners’ website, showing their contact details and weeks owned at least 48 hours prior to the meeting will not be allowed entry into the meeting and/or to vote. This may be waved by the Chairman if valid Certificates of ownership are produced. Any person not fully completing a Registration form will not be allowed to participate in the meeting.

Certificates As previously notified, any Certificates dealt with, in any way, by WimPen from 1 August 2015 are not legally valid. Where members have received Certificates from WimPen in good faith and have registered the Certificates on the owners’ website there will be an opportunity to exchange these certificates for a legal one issued by the Club. This will be done after the AGM in an area set aside for this at the meeting venue. For security reasons please bring a photo identification and proof of your address.
This note is also sent to Escritura owners who are encouraged to attend, though not eligible to vote.
I look forward to your involvement.
Yours sincerely,
 AEJF Signature

Albert Fletcher
Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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