Peter Booth – Invite Response (2019 AGM)

To the Club Chairman

Dear Albert

Having read proposed resolutions 8, 9 and 10 in the AGM calling papers, I am moved to
comment as follows.  I hope that you can ensure that my thoughts are shared with other
Club members.

The fundamental issue for all of us owners is that WimPen/Ona is doing all it can to pave
the way to eventually take ownership of the resort.  We will each lose our investment in the
resort if we allow this to happen.

Please do not vote for resolutions 8, 9 and 10.

These, along with posts on social media, contain factually incorrect statements and,
whether this is being done deliberately or not, will mislead readers who have not had the
benefit of reading the legitimate Committee’s factually correct information bulletins and

It should also be noted that the reason the legitimate Committee has been unable to
contact all owners is that, despite being instructed to do so by the Arbiter, Wimpen/Ona
has failed to hand over the owner database.

I have worked closely with all of the Committee members and I consider them all to be
entirely ethical and working purely in the interests of owners.  I have seen no evidence of
any personal gain for Committee members.  In fact, they (and I) have used their own funds
to cover various expenses incurred on behalf of owners.

There seems to be a ‘hard core’ of individuals who are determined to malign and smear
Committee members.  These individuals are running a considerable risk of being sued for
libel.  If you write something defamatory or damaging about another individual, the onus is
upon you to prove that your comments are true.  Personally, I cannot understand what
motivates these individuals and why they are adopting this very personal stance.

When the authors of the factually incorrect statements are asked for evidence to support
their claims, they cannot, or will not, provide it.

To end on a positive note, all of the legal actions being taken by the Club to date have
succeeded and current actions are likely to lead to victory.

Please fellow owners do not vote for resolutions 8, 9 and 10.  If you do, you will lose
your resort.


Peter Booth (Villa 13, Weeks 24 & 25) sent by email 26th March 2019

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