Richard Coe – Invite Response (2019 AGM)

To Mr Albert Fletcher

Chairman, Club Los Claveles

Having put up with a relentless diatribe on Facebook of propaganda, disinformation, and downright lies from a small coterie of so-called independent owners, I am outraged to see AGM agenda items 8, 9, 10 seeking to undermine/reverse all the excellent work done on our behalf by the Committee to date.  I would be grateful if you would share my views with other owners.

The Committee, having been denied access to the full database of owners (in direct contravention of Court rulings in the Committee’s favour), I am concerned that some owners who are not, or have no desire to be, internet savvy have been fed this diet of misinformation and have no idea of the consequences of losing this David v. Goliath battle, just when the Committee’s legal team has total victory within its grasp.  If you have friends or family who don’t know what’s been going on or not realising how they have been manipulated, please enlighten them!

I have full confidence in our Chairman and the Committee, and have no wish to see any of them stand down. With regard to audited accounts – I have no doubt these will be available as soon as WimPen/Ona obey the Court ruling to hand over OUR money.  To do otherwise would provide WimPen/Ona with information to support their stated aim of running the Committee out of money.

Why on earth would we want to award WimPen/Ona a 2-year contract (temporary or otherwise)?  Their contract expired in May 2017 since when they have been squatting in defiance of Court rulings and demanding money with menaces.  As for an SGM chaired by the DOA president who is also a director WimPen Properties at Las Casitas and has stated that he will hold WimPen Leisure Management to account in providing their services to the DOA (both companies are subsidiaries of OnaGrup) – this is just laughable.  The DOA AGM was a travesty of democracy which I am hoping the Courts overturn.  At every twist and turn of this saga FNTC and WimPen/Ona have proved themselves untrustworthy.  How can one trust company refuse to hand over to another when instructed (and paid) to do so?  It’s like my wanting to switch bank accounts and being told I can’t!


Richard Coe  (Villa 45, weeks 45 & 46) sent by email 24th March 2019

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