Onagrup Closes The MARINA ARPÓN Complex (La Manga Del Mar Menor)

Association Espanola De Afectados Por La Mul Tipropredad
(English Translation)

November 26, 2019

Onagrup Closes The MARINA ARPÓN Complex (La Manga Del Mar Menor)

Onagrup is offering its owners alternatives to allow it to withdraw this complex from the Timeshare regime, how bad this company has that one after another betrays the trust of its owners by offering them a junk product as an alternative.

This email has been sent to various partners as if it were a good option, although it is the closest thing to a scam.

From:  < xxx@onagrup.net >
Sent:  Thursday, November 21, 2019 11:34
Good morning Mr XXXXX,

As we have commented on the phone. I am writing you the 3rd contract change options that we have to offer:

1º CONTRACT ASSIGNMENT (It is free of rights and obligations) we cancel the shift  (****thereby losing all the money that the partner paid in the acquisition of his week). 

2º BARGAIN CONTRACT (Where we change the complex to OGISAKA GARDEN, JARDINES PARISOL OR CALA PI (****to worse and much more expensive complexes). 

3rd SYSTEM CHANGE CONTRACT (Where he changed his week for a floating system in the red season maintaining a Marine harpoon quota)  (********the floating system is a Shit like a piano besides it is illegal). 

Any questions or clarification can call me at 933 930 638 my name is

Cordial greetings
If you own an apartment in Marina Arpón, contact us , Onagrup intends to keep the apartments and sell them. If they offer you these three options it is because they need to free them from partners to sell them, do not settle for crumbs or junk options.
We advise you to contact us to take actions and negotiate an amount for the sale of your weeks to Onagrup, it depends on the number of weeks and apartment to request the sale of weeks to the complex with prices of € 2,000 to € 18,000 per week.
(****) notations are direct “Google” translations from the ASCO original article written in Spanish

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