Joyce and John Rosin – Invite Response (2019 AGM)

Good Morning Albert

First of all thank you for getting Carol to ring us, it has cleared up a lot of our questions.

We have sent the proxy forms back voting against Paul Cooke’s resolutions.  Unbelievable, why on earth would we we want to put Wimpen/Ona in charge even on a temporary basis?

Our weeks are banked with RCI for points, they are weeks 31&32 but as you know we always went in March.  As we pay the Club our maintenance, Wimpen/Ona block our points, so we haven’t had any since the troubles began, we didn’t think it was going to affect us!!  We refuse to pay Wimpen/Ona.  If we did we could have our points.  It does mean we are paying our maintenance for nothing.  We are now coming out of RCI as all the rows we have had with them have got us nowhere.

We hope one day in the near future, we will be back in March to see you all again.  We have decided to sell our August ones, then hopefully buy again in March when all this is over.

We totally support the committee in all your hard work.

If you wish to print this letter on the website you have our permission to do so.

Kind regards,

Joyce and John Rosin (Villa 70, Weeks 31 & 32) sent by email 29th March 2019

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