Douglas Goldie – Invite Response (2019 AGM)

Dear Mr Fletcher

I am contacting you because I feel so strongly about the resolutions proposed by Mr Cooke. I think the AGM has enough on the agenda without pampering to this nonsense and I want you to share my views with as many owners as possible.

Resolution 8

I and many others have every confidence in you as Chairman and our Committee, and this has been reflected in the past two AGMs and SGM since this dispute began by the overwhelming support you have received from Club members. I strongly oppose even the suggestion of Mr Cooke’s proposal. I thank you wholeheartedly for what you are helping us achieve.

The Committee is doing the bidding of the majority of Club members and you are not leading us anywhere other than to regain control of what is lawfully ours. You have not set owner against owner as stated. A small number of people opposed to the Committee who have decided to side with WimPen/Ona are trying very hard to drive a wedge between owners. I have attempted to state my case for supporting the Committee on Social Media only to be insulted and eventually banned from posting. It is my opinion that the Purported President of the DOA Mr Barrow is ordering WimPen to demand money from Club members despite arbitration and Spanish Court ruling to the contrary. It is he who is causing many owners distress.

As a retired Police Officer of 30 years’ service I strongly object to Mr Cooke stating that I have made a fraudulent claim against my credit card company. I was successful in reclaiming the unlawful payment taken by WimPen on Mr Barrow’s instruction. And I had the full backing of my bank. I do not think my bank would have supported my successful claim had they thought it was fraudulent. Mr Barrow in his first DOA newsletter made a similar accusation and when I challenged him he changed tack and dropped the fraudulent accusation and said I was being dishonest. When I challenged him further he ordered WimPen to invoice me and within minutes of our email exchange I received an email invoice from WimPen showing additional bank charges that I now apparently owed to WimPen. I do not believe this was coincidence.

I strongly believe Mr Barrow is siding with WimPen as in our email exchanges he continually referred me to WimPen for clarification to his so called Independent newsletter.

I think the Committee is correct in suspending any member who endangers my use of my apartment and in my opinion is assisting WimPen/Ona to take away what is mine. I place Mr Cooke and his seconder Mr Thirkell in this category and would gladly propose that they be suspended for their crass attempt to damage our Club further.

Resolution 9

I fully support you and the Committee in not revealing the finances of the Club at this time. In fact I would consider it reckless of you to do so. I put my trust in you and I know it is for obvious reasons that we need to keep this information from WimPen/Ona. To confirm my trust in the Committee, I will be paying my 2020 invoice immediately and I would encourage all Club owners to pay as early as possible.

Resolution 10

I find it sad that after all this time and all the evidence you and the Committee have provided along with the Scottish Arbitration findings and the appeal decisions, then the Spanish court ruling, that we have Mr Cooke and Mr Thirkell who still refuse to acknowledge that WimPen and the Trustees have no right to be involved with the Club’s business. Why on earth would we offer them a further contract and why, oh why, would we want Mr Barrow to chair any meeting involving our future when he is clearly not independent and is clearly supporting WimPen in their continuing harassment of Club members?

In respect of having a meeting chaired by an independent moderator, does Mr Cooke not acknowledge that the Scottish Arbitrator could not have been more independent and his independent findings are totally contrary to what these resolutions propose.

I will repeat that I fully support you and the Committee in all your actions on my behalf. Unfortunately I cannot attend the AGM in person but you can be assured that you Mr Fletcher will have my proxy vote with no hesitation. I once again thank you and the Committee for all your hard work on my behalf.


Douglas Goldie  (Villa 69 Weeks 6 & 7) sent by email 24th March 2019

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