David Norman-Smith – Invite Response (2019 AGM)

Hard on the heels of Christine John’s list of wrongdoings of Wimpen, Onagrup and FNTC, the following email was received from owner David Norman-Smith with permission to publish. It sums up exactly what is wrong with Wimpen Onagrup. 

To comunidades@wimpen.com

Dear Sir/Madam,

Annual fees for the ‘subject’ have been paid to Club Los Claveles and are thereby not in arrears.

Payments to Club Los Claveles were made by virtue of references offering a weight of evidence supporting the claims of that committee. Your correspondence offers denial but no hard evidence of status from any authoritative hearing supporting your collection of maintenance fees.

Your action of letting my week without permission and applying credits & debits to an account for me (as you describe) ‘Owners Account: XXXXXXX’ does not foster confidence in the intent for future harmony at the resort and/or with owners.

With kind regards.

David Norman-Smith

11 April 2019

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