Bill Morris – Invite Responses (2019 AGM)

Mr A Fletcher


Club Los Claveles

Dear Mr Fletcher,

Having read the AGM notification papers, I wish to advise you of my grave misgivings over the resolutions proposed by the LCIO group.  The resolutions represent a concerted attempt by an unscrupulous minority to subvert the democratic actions taken over the last four years by a Committee which in my opinion has worked with the utmost dedication to the detriment of their own time and expense and has represented the Club with the utmost integrity in defending its independence in a battle with a vicious and immoral business corporation.

This business has ignored the fact that its contract expired in 2017 and has refused to obey four court rulings against it and continues to illegally occupy the resort and refuses to return to the Committee the keys to the Club’s accommodation.  These indefensible actions have denied the Club rightful access to its own records of owners and finances so that it has been unable to properly contact and inform all owners of the true facts of this battle and prevented it from undertaking its management responsibilities through its preferred contracted administrator.

Given the above facts, the idea of awarding this business another contract makes no sense whatever.  Having been burnt once, what sane person would put their finger in the fire again?

It is rich that this group should quote the Constitutional accounting requirements when it has supported a DOA President that refuses to meet his requirement to bill the Club for its common parts costs despite numerous requests from you to do so.  The fact that the ex-administrator has refused to return the Club’s finances to it and has continued to illegally demand maintenance fees from owners, contrary to the four court rulings, makes it impossible to give a full account of the Club finances.       

The idea that a Special General Meeting is necessary is specious and fatuous.  The 2019 AGM can guarantee that all owners’ involvement will be addressed if Wimpen meets its legal obligation and returns the full owners’ database to the Club.  There is no legal right for the Trustees to be involved in calling a meeting; a fact proven when FNTC withdrew its intention to do so in 2016 when threatened with legal action by the Club.  The suggestion that the DOA President chairs a meeting is risible – he has as much right to do so as any person who happens to be walking past Los Claveles!

I wish to confirm to you that I will vote against the proposed resolutions.  However, I am concerned that some owners may support them without being aware of the full background to the dispute.  I am happy for you to publish this letter if you think it can help to convince other owners to vote these resolutions down.

Yours sincerely,

W M Morris (Villa 69, Week 28) Sent by email 24th March 2019

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