Affected Club La Dorada EL Tarter

Rubio Morales & Bormass (Solicitors)
9th March 2020Juan Madrigal Timeshare Contracts

Located in Andorra, the owners of this complex in recent months have been forced to give up their week for free or to exchange their week for a new floating week.

The obligation to transfer your week is imposed by ONAGRUP, without further recourse, claiming that the complex is going to close and that if the ‘exchange’ is not carried out, you will not be able to enjoy your week at the EL TARTER complex.

This office is aware that the new transfer contracts they offer do not comply with the regulations and are not free of charge, so that sooner or later they will end up claiming new amounts from the owner.

If instead of the transfer the exchange per floating week is offered, this contract is not free and of course it is not legal either. Let’s remember what the floating week is and its consequences.

What is Floating Week?

Swap Agreement

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