7 December 2021 – Chairman’s Letter to Owners

7 December 2021
Mr A.E.J. Fletcher
98 Bleak Hill Road
B23 7BT
Dear Club Member,

I write regarding two very important matters:

•     Club Annual General Meeting
•     Dispute with Onagrup and WimPen

The enclosed letter was originally written with the intention that it be sent out by FNTC (Trustee).  As FNTC have refused to send out the letter to all Club members, using the database held by them (This is the same database held by WimPen) the Committee is using the records it has developed since 2015 in order to reach as many legitimate Club members as possible.   It is vitally important that you ensure that the Committee has your details as described in the enclosed letter.

The second lengthy document has not been put together by myself or the Committee.  It has been researched by professionals at no cost to the Club.  The reason for this is that the researchers have a strong commitment to justice and do not wish to see a multi-national  organisation with unlimited wealth taking advantage of ordinary people.  The researchers are continuing to delve into the complicated web of companies associated with Onagrup (WimPen) and further revelations will, I am sure, come to light.  There is an intention to involve prosecuting authorities at some point.

I am fully aware that the large document will take time to read and digest.  However, it is in your interests to take the time to read it.  For those who prefer a more in-depth investigation there are links to various cases and reports. 

Yours sincerely,
Albert Fletcher

Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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