Onagrup buys a Diamond apartment resort from Lion in Mallorca

The group led by Carlos Barrau plans to expand along the coasts of the Mediterranean and the south of the peninsula El Cala de Mar, in Cala d’Or, has 44 apartments

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Updated May 19, 2014 || By NB

The British Lion Resorts , which in 2011 bought the management of the Cala de Mar tourist apartment complex in the Majorcan town of Cala d’Or from the American Diamond Resorts , has just sold this agreement to the Catalan company Onagrup . The club, which to date has only functioned as timeshare properties, will from now on also be marketed as a hotel offering within the Ona Hotels brand portfolio . The operation entered into force on May 5.

The Cala de Mar is the third asset Ona on the island of Mallorca , where he also manages Ona Aucanada and Ona Cala Pi Club . The group’s hotel business, whose CEO is Carlos Barrau , took shape in 2011 when the Ona Hotels brand was launched , which today already has 12 tourist apartment complexes and aparthotels, its specialty. Among them, eleven are vacationers and one, incorporated in April in Barcelona , is urban. Apart from the portfolio of this brand, the group also controls the Alanda Club de Marbella , a higher segment.

Onagrup , which is a family business, has thus gone from being a manager specialized in time-sharing to prioritizing its new line of hotel business, with a natural expansion plan. It currently has two or three possible new operations underway, all of them in Spain , where it expects all its growth to occur for now. The coasts of the Mediterranean and the south of the peninsula are the main points of interest for the chain, which also considers the Canary Islands as an attractive destination. In Catalonia and the Valencian Community, however, it is not expected to add more assets.
The company’s first option for growth is management, although it does not rule out a purchase if a good opportunity presents itself. His idea is to base his portfolio on ‘sun and beach’ apartments and aparthotels to strengthen and position the hotel brand, but neither is the door closed to taking mixed complexes with timeshare properties.
The complex that Ona Hotels has just started to manage in Mallorca has 44 duplex apartments (of which five are studios) of up to 90 square meters, a restaurant, swimming pools and garden areas. The project is to change its name and incorporate the term ‘Village’ to its name, so that it better responds to its concept.
Diamond Resorts maintains in Mallorca the Garden Lago apartment complex , in Puerto de Alcudia . Lion Resorts , for its part, is left without representation in this square, since Cala de Mar was its only asset on the island. In Spain it still has a club in Tenerife and another in Malaga , affiliated with Diamond.

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