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Los Claveles Resort

In recent months it has come to the Committee’s attention that a number of Club members have been approached by various companies who have told them that for a sum of money they can get their Club membership cancelled. Owners need to be aware that this is not true.  The Constitution vests the responsibility for such matters in the Committee and all Club membership issues must be directed to the Committee.  The contract that you agreed to and signed with the Club when you purchased is a legal document and no one else can cancel that contract.

Offers made to divest you of your timeshare are nothing more than an attempt to defraud.  Just this week we have spoken to two owners who have paid £3,900 and £7,000 on the promise of getting rid of their timeshare.   Money that they will never recoup.  Likely what they will receive is a letter entitled a “Timeshare Exit Certificate” issued by these companies: a letter that has no value.  And regardless you will continue to receive invoices for your timeshare and at some point, may be harassed for payment of that debt just as Onagrup are currently doing on other resorts that they have ‘taken over’

I reiterate these companies cannot release you from your liability, only the Committee in the name of the Club can do this.   Be warned that having paid the money you will still own your timeshare and even worse your debt to the Club will continue to grow.

Equally we are hearing of Club members who in good faith have surrendered their week/s to Wimpen/Onagrup.  Again, I have bad news because under the constitution governing the Club all weeks belong to the Club and in handing them to Wimpen you are giving away an asset which has a value. Don’t forget Los Claveles is different to the greater majority of timeshare resorts because we own the resort. But even more seriously once the dispute is won you may find that you are still the owner of those weeks and will face the increased debt to the Club which has accrued .

Morally, handing weeks to Ona is a betrayal of your fellow Club members especially at this point in time because we have sufficient evidence to show that weeks such as this are used to vote against bone-fide owners and could potentially cost us the Club. Something that Onagrup are banking on.  A long hard-fought battle could be lost due to the thoughtlessness of a few.  Don’t be one of them. 

Below find the names of just a few companies which have dubious reputations or are outright scammers.  Timeshare litigation is a ‘minefield’ for the unwary – a minefield that is constantly changing.  One tactic for proven ‘scammers’ is to avoid industry recognition and condemnation by continuously setting up subsidiary, shell or marketing companies to act as their intermediaries.

Dubious legal companies or companies with ‘questionable’ affiliations, include:

*ABC Legal             

*ABC Lawyers

EZE Group

Club Class

Fullbrooke Associates

O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions SL

Inconel Admirations’ SL

International Timeshare Refund Action Ltd (or one of its marketing companies)

Platinum Services SL

Litigation Services

*Both companies are currently going into liquidation

A more extensive list and investigation into timeshare legal companies can be found at “Timeshare Business Check”  

The Committee fully appreciates that many Club members have been intimidated and confused by the dispute with Onagrup and might  therefore be tempted by the offer of exiting their contract.  But remember under the Club constitution which we inherited from Mr Pengelly WLMSA there is no provision to do so.  If you are worried in any way,  please ring the Club President, Carol Parkinson on 07931 778886, or email her at and she will assist you.

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