05 April 2020  – Owner Voices Fear About Losing Her Timeshare

An Owner’s ‘Déjà Vu’ Fear about Losing Her Timeshare

“Our holidays at L.C. are precious to us and God knows we’re going to need them after this. Perhaps my experience in the loss or (theft) of my other time share unit run by another unscrupulous company will help to show that without opposition to its self-profit attitude our desire for the holidays as we have always enjoyed them are very swiftly taken away from us. Not only did this other company alter the constitution to fit its own ends and ignore any opposition to the change, it took a “like it or lump it” attitude resulting in those who were unhappy and wished to exit their contracts had to hand back their units and pay four years maintenance for the privilege! This was the result of inaction by the committee and complacency by owners. If L.C. owners become hoodwinked by big business Ona/Wimpen in the same way, I fear it will be “déjà vu” for me. I will be forever grateful, whatever the outcome, that at least our L.C. Committee has had the integrity to act for the owners they were elected to represent, at tremendous cost to themselves, in an effort to retain our resort. Little is being asked of the rest of us except that we show support for their tireless efforts. That is not a lot to ask to protect what we own.”

Janis Jones

Escritura owner

Los Claveles

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