30 April 2020 – How To Identify Club Invoices

Supporting Club Members with help to readily identify Club Invoices

When ONA WimPen’s management contract with the Club expired on 3 May 2017 the Club appointed Hiro Bulchand to take over as Club Administrator and set up Club Los Claveles Ltd. to issue invoices and collect maintenance fees on his behalf.

At that time the format of Club member invoices was retained for familiarity and continuity purposes so that members would instantly recognise their annual invoice for maintenance fees for Los Claveles.

However, ONA WimPen refused to hand over Club administration to Hiro Bulchand and has continued to issue invoices. This has led to a great many problems for Club members, not the least of which is the confusion from receiving two very similar looking invoices each year.

While we await the legal enforcement of the Arbitration Award in Spain which will force ONA WimPen to hand over the Club’s administration to Hiro Bulchand and stop them from issuing Club invoices, we have produced below a specimen copy of the Club’s invoice with arrows pointing to the two parts of the invoice that will readily identify that it is from the Club and not ONA Wimpen. The Club’s invoices are issued from the UK and are in pounds sterling.

We trust that this will remove the confusion that currently exists and thank owners for their patience and understanding.

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