30th July 2018 – Chairman’s Summer Update

Chairman’s Summer Update, 30th July 2018
I am sure you are enjoying this unusual British weather and looking forward to some of the rain that has been forecast, just as long it knows when to stop. As we are in the holiday season many of you are away from home. The Committee and hard-working volunteers are also taking it in turns to rejuvenate and recharge their batteries. During this time I would appreciate you only contacting the Committee if there is a real need. When doing so please avoid mobile phone numbers because there is a substantial cost when travelling overseas, especially the USA. If you need to contact us please do so by email. There may be a slight delay but these will be answered.

I am aware that you may have received a newsletter from Mr Barrow who is calling himself the President. Carol Parkinson is the elected President of the Club so please do not get confused. I am not going into detail about his remarks except to say, if you wish to see the true facts please visit the owners’ website https://www.losclavelesowners.eu I have invited Mr Barrow for informal talks and I am awaiting a reply.

As a reminder, the following actions are proceeding, unfortunately at the Spanish speed that we are all aware of.

* The Arbitration document is with the Spanish Supreme Court requesting enforcement procedures. The Court has written to WimPen/Onagrup advising them of this and they have 30 working days to respond. 

* The Club’s Administrator, Hiro Bulchand, has commenced a Spanish Court action preventing WimPen/Onagrup from refusing to allow members access to their villas. The Court wrote to WimPen/Onagrup and they replied that they have not done anything wrong. We are awaiting a court hearing date.

* The Club’s Administrator is filing papers with the Spanish Court to overturn the general meeting of the Development Owners Association due to severe irregularities including refusing the Club to vote, even though it represents around 85% of the Resort.

* In Scotland we are continuing a court action to force FNTC to hand over the trusteeship to Hutchinson. Even though FNTC were dismissed by resolution of the Annual General Meeting over 6 years ago they continue to refuse to comply and continue to support WimPen/Onagrup in every way they can. FNTC refuse to comply with instructions from the Committee and continue to refuse to give any information on membership. This includes the whereabouts of the stolen Club cancelled weeks (over 1,000). We do not have a trial date as yet.*

You will see from the above, and everything you read on the owners’ website, that the Committee and it’s team of volunteers have continued to work very hard on your behalf. The only thing that keeps us going is knowing that we have the support of members. The Committee members have nothing to gain personally, in fact they have made many sacrifices. Why? you may ask. The answer is very simple. Each of us has been elected by you and you have put your faith in us to complete the job in hand. We do not wish to let you down.

It is not often we ask the members to do anything. What you can do is this:

* Continue to give and voice your support. This is good for morale.
* Continue to recognise and check out misleading statements by anyone obviously supporting WimPen/Onagrup in their illegal activities.
* Continue to abide by the constitution and pay your maintenance fees to the Club. Funds are needed to finish the job in hand and to be in a strong position to manage the Resort when WimPen is forced to depart.
* Continue to send letters to the UK and Spanish data protection agencies complaining of the misuse of the Club Members’ Register. These letters can be found on the owners’ website. (See Item No. 35 under Stop Press on the homepage of the owners’ website).

Anyone forced illegally to pay WimPen to gain access to their villa should make a complaint to “Action Fraud” There are details and a reference number on the owners’ website. (See the Chairman’s Bulletin Board under Stop Press – click on the latest entry on the homepage and scroll down to Bulletin No. 43, 20th July 2018) 

I have been asked by several members who have had problems banking weeks with RCI to ask members if they would join with them in a “Class Action” against RCI for breach of contract. If anyone is interested in doing this please let me know and I will put you in touch with each other. The Club will assist however it can.

Please do not let the outstanding issues regarding Los Claveles rule your lives as it does mine. Enjoy your Summer. I hope to give some good news next time I communicate officially with you.

Your Chairman,
 AEJF Signature

Albert Fletcher
Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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