14 June 2020

Club Chairman’s Guidance on Acquiring New Weeks

Due to various legal and constitutional activities I write to clarify the procedure, as stated in the Club Constitution as to what is required by members, owners applying for membership of the Club for the first time and the Committee.

It is important to understand that this note refers to the acquisition of a week which is usually undertaken by transfer from an existing owner to a new owner but it also applies to anyone who is not an existing Club member. This relates to the transfer of a certificate.  Even though the week may be transferred to an existing Club member the transfer is regarded as a NEW application for Club membership for that week.

The Club Constitution at Clause 15.2 gives details as to the process to be followed.  The Constitution is an agreement between the Club member and prospective Club member and the Club Committee.  Any prospective new member agrees to abide by the Constitution.  The following gives simple guidance as to how the Constitution (Rules) have to be followed.

When a person acquires a week(s) they are required to inform the Club Committee.  The Committee must be provided with “satisfactory evidence of the transfer”.  The Committee will “upon payment of a fee” issue a Certificate in the name of the new owner.  

When a new certificate has been issued there is a requirement that the matter is then reported to the next “General Meeting of the Club”.  The General Meeting will be asked to RATIFY the new ownership.  If the General Meeting agrees to RATIFY the new ownership the Committee will ensure that “The register of members of the Club shall be duly completed to register such transfer”.

Until ALL the above procedures are undertaken correctly and RATIFICATION has taken place the prospective new owner of a week(s) is not a Club member and cannot participate in the Club in any way.

Although the above information will not affect the majority of Club members it is important for the Club’s security that everyone takes note of the correct procedure when acquiring new weeks.

AEJF Signature

Albert Fletcher

Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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