Spotlight on the dark side of Onagrup the caring company!

Factual examples of Onagrup’s modus operandi on a variety of resorts throughout Europe

Ogisaka Gardens, Denia Spain

In addition to maintenance payments and without reference to owners Ona introduced a series of additional ‘one-off ‘charges of up to €600 per week owned to redevelop the resorts to the Ona specification.

Ona Campanario de Calahonda

Ona systematically breached the resort’s statutes and failed to follow correct procedures in AGMs.

Alanda Club Marbella

A lack of transparency in accounting plus other irregularities was found. The Timeshare Consumer Association has recently published an article entitled “No ONA Amongst Thieves” about an elderly owner’s distressing experience at the Alanda Club. 

Club Cala De Mar, Mallorca, Spain

Ona used aggressive sales tactics to ‘encourage’ Escritura owners (at a cost of up to £11,000 per week) to convert their fixed weeks into ‘floating weeks’. The owners of high season weeks can only get low season weeks with their floating weeks because ‘high season’ bookings are offered to tour operators.

Onagrup Marina Arpon

Following the 2015 legal ruling that ‘floating weeks’ were illegal, Onagrup began ‘encouraging’ owners to change their contracts which frustrate their legal claims.

Onagrup La Manga

Ona rented resort apartments, but rental income did not benefit or was not credited to the owners.

Club Aldea Del Mar

Ona disbanded Trustee arrangement and took possession of the deeds/property lease.

Onagrup Malaga

Ona re-wrote the club constitution cancelling the right of owners to exit their timeshare and amended resort records. They also used debt collectors to chase ‘defaulters’ some for a number of years.

Cala Pi, Mallorca, Spain

Ona evolved the resort based on a new Onagrup business model , e.g. a hotel, capable of charging higher prices. This was done without reference to the owners despite the fact that they used owners’ money for the development.

Aucanada Resort Mallorca

An abbreviated personal statement from an owner (name withheld for fear of retribution) ‘We owned 2 weeks. Our contract was taken over by Onagrup without our knowledge. Prior to this our maintenance fees were reasonable, and apartments were updated on a rotational and regular basis. Soon after Ona took over – again without owners’ agreement – we discovered they were selling our weeks on the internet at low cost attracting a sector of the market who lacked respect for our resort. Owners were then informed that the AGM had passed a resolution on a “Special Levy” of £3K per week owned plus maintenance to upgrade our apartments. We discovered that the resolution had been forced through the AGM with the use of proxy votes. ‘Following investigation of Ona’s dubious management methods, I decided to sell our timeshares but couldn’t give them away ! We are Escritura owners & Ona refused to take them back (for free) demanding payment of maintenance fees plus the levy for each week threatening court action in default. I have been chased by them with varying threats for over 4 yrs. I am now paying for legal action to stop this harassment.’

In addition, the following organisations/associations are highly suspicious of Onagrup and its aliases (e.g. Gruphotel SR – Clubotel – La Dorada) and report varying issues.

ASCOETC in Spain. La Asociatión de Consumidores Europeos de Tiempo Compatido (The European Timeshare Consumer Association) ACAMA in Spain. La Asociación de Consumidores Afectados Mundo Magico. 

FEDERCONTRIBUENTI in Italy. The National Association that represents an initiative to safeguard State taxpayers and local governments and to all entities that have tax capacity in matters of taxes, levies and local taxes.

ADCSTP in France. L’Association de Défense des Consommateurs de Semaines en Temps Partagé. (The Association of Defence of Consumers timeshare weeks)

Schutzvereinigung für Time-Sharing und Urlaubssysteme in Europa e.V in Germany. Protection association for time-sharing and apartment right holders in Europe.

The website of ASCOETC, the Asociatión de Consumidores Europeos de Tiempo Compatido (The European Timeshare Consumer Association) is very damning of Onagrup, Clubotel La Dorada & Gruphotel. The forum is full of claims against Onagrup and Gruphotel. We could go on…………………………………………….!

All the above information results from research undertaken on behalf of Club Los Claveles. Should you wish to verify the information links are available by contacting the Club President, Carol Parkinson

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