31 July 2020

Dear Member,

I write to you on three important matters.

Banking of Weeks

I am delighted to advise that the Club President, Carol Parkinson has negotiated a deal where Club members can bank their weeks to use on other resorts.  If you are interested please note that this opportunity can only be accessed via the President.  This unusual deal allows for unused weeks to be returned to the owner for use at Los Claveles at a future point. Please contact the President directly for further information.  The President’s details can be found on the Club members website

Reply to Sr Castro’s letter

Please see my reply to the recent letter sent to members by the illegal use of the Club’s Members Register, and a ‘spotlight’ on Onagrup’s modus operandi at a variety of resorts throughout Europe.


It is my duty to remind all Club members that the reason why Ona WimPen have remained on the Resort is because members have continued to pay them.  It is appreciated that some members have paid Ona WimPen, as well as paying the Club, to ensure that they can take their holiday on the Resort.  This, unfortunately, makes Ona WimPen believe that they have considerable support and improves their appetite to remain.  If everyone stops paying them they will get the message and they will be encouraged to vacate the Resort.

Please stay safe and healthy,

AEJF Signature

Albert Fletcher

Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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