3 April 2019 – Chairman’s Letter to Club Member in Small Claims Court Action

Chairman’s Letter to Club Member in Small Claims Court Action         
on 1 April 2019
3 April 2019Chairman: Mr A.E.J. Fletcher JP
98 Bleak Hill Road
B23 7BT
Tel: 0121 350 3326 E:albertejfletcher@msn.com
Dear Mr X

Court Appearance 1 April 2019

I was pleased to meet you on Monday although we both would rather have met on the Resort whilst enjoying our holiday.  I am aware that the court appearance was traumatic for you.  Unfortunately, as you must now be aware, you received some very bad advice from people who have a different agenda.  That is supporting WimPen/Onagrup regardless of the cost to members.  These people portray that they are concerned about members but in reality they continue to bolster the illegalities of WimPen/Onagrup.  The Committee and I are committed to support members in any way that is possible by legal means.

I have enclosed a copy of my communication to members of the Club who are entitled to know what is happening.  You will see from the comments made by the Judge that WimPen/Onagrup are acting illegally.  Continuing to pay WimPen/Onagrup is helping support their illegal acts.  The situation is that if every member had refused to pay the illegal entity this dispute would have been over long ago.  I admit that some members may have been prevented from accessing their apartment but it would have been a short term pain for a long term gain.  I myself, have 5 weeks.  I have paid the Club for 4 years and have been denied access by WimPen.  What does it say to you when the Chairman of the Club is being denied access?

It is my intention to put forward proposals to reward those members who have suffered and for losses to be compensated.  The compensation will be obtained from WimPen/Onagrup.

This cannot be done until WimPen/Onagrup are removed by legal means.  I am sorry that you were badly advised and felt that you had to take this to court.  I am sorry that you did not accept or understand the advice that the Committee has been giving to members.  I am sorry that you have had to learn the hard way.
As the Judge informed you.  If you pay WimPen in order to gain access to your apartment, this is a fraudulent demand.  You are entitled to take action against WimPen/Onagrup.  If you or any other member wishes to do this you will receive support from the Club.  Should you wish to take up this offer please let me know.  In the meantime the Club will continue to ensure that WimPen/Onagrup are brought to task for any crimes that they may have committed.

I have a duty to remind you that you must pay your maintenance fees to the Club or you will be in debt.  Any fees paid by you under duress will be recovered at some point and returned to you.

I hope to receive your future cooperation, in return you will be assisted and supported as much as possible.

Yours sincerely,
 AEJF Signature
Albert Fletcher
Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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