20 December 2020 

RCI and Points

There have been enquiries from members regarding the present situation in relation to those members who have ceded their weeks at Los Claveles to RCI in return for an allocation of points.  This is a short note to remind everyone of the situation as I see it.

The Club does not have any contract with RCI.  The individual Club member has a contract with RCI.

The Club has attempted to negotiate with RCI over a considerable period.  The earlier discussions resulted in RCI offering a compensation week to points holders.  Compensation weeks are still available to those who apply.  In order to obtain compensation weeks the member contacts RCI directly,  RCI then checks with me to ensure that the member has paid the Club the appropriate Club Maintenance Fee.  I notify RCI accordingly, with the members permission, and then RCI offers a limited number of weeks for use directly with the member.

The Club has continued to try to better the position by writing to RCI in Europe and the USA.  Replies have not been received.

Unfortunately,  the Club cannot take direct legal action against RCI because no contract exists between us.  The remedy for individual RCI points holders is to take legal action against RCI for compensation due to their breach of contract.  As I have stated previously, I will support any member wishing to take action.  The action would be in the English Small Claims Court and legal representation is not required.

Should anyone wish to take up my offer please contact any member of the Committee.

Stay Safe,

AEJF Signature

Albert Fletcher

Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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