27th August 2018 – Chairman’s meeting invitation to Mr Barrow

Mr A.E.J. Fletcher JP
98 Bleak Hill Road
B23 7BT UK

Tel. 0121 350 3326
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Mr Barrow,
address removed at Mr Barrow’s request
27th August 2018
Dear Mr Barrow,

Informal Meeting

I was disappointed by your reaction to my request for an informal meeting. The whole point of an informal meeting is to discuss issues of concern without a formal agenda. The conditions you lay down are not appropriate and the fact that you wish WimPen to be allowed to have a new arbitration prior to a meeting does not enhance your comments of being independent. The fact that you use the services of Onagrup’s solicitors also gives rise to questions of your status as independent.

You mention the accusation that you are in receipt of a week stolen from the Club Committee. There was no accusation that you knew this to be the case when WimPen handed this to you but now that you have had the matter brought to your attention we do await news of what you intend to do about it. My advice is for you to hand the week back to the Committee. This would avoid any necessity for you to be involved in any impending criminal charges.

While writing I need to remind you that the Club Member Register is the property of the Club and is currently being held illegally by WimPen/Onagrup. You have recently used the services of WimPen/Onagrup by asking them to send out your newsletter by using the Club Member Register. By doing this you are condoning the illegal use of the Register and undermining the Club by encouraging a breach of the Constitution. Please let me have your assurance that this will not happen again.

Regarding maintenance payments by Club members. In your newsletter and other media you are advising Club members not to pay the Committee but to pay WimPen. This is a serious and fundamental breach of the Constitution. You have been advised of this previously but you appear to be immune to the warnings that have been given. If you were independent and respected the rules governing the Club you would not do this.
As you require agenda items prior to agreeing to meet perhaps you would regard the issues described here as a starting point.
I hope that you will agree to meet at an early mutually convenient date.

In order to be transparent I am making this letter available to Club members.
Yours sincerely
 AEJF Signature
Albert Fletcher
Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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