25 May 2017 – Chairman’s Statement on Doug Goldie’s letter dated 24 May 2017

Club Chairman’s Statement, 25th May 2017 on Douglas Goldie’s Open Letter
The Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Douglas Goldie for his letter and for the support he is giving to the Club, plus all the other members who have contacted me and commented expressing their support.  Members should continue to pay their maintenance fees to the Club, not WimPen, and are encouraged to make payment as early as possible.

Owners have asked who they should believe when they keep getting two different messages about who is in the right.  I say once again, WimPen’s management contract ended on the 2nd May, regardless of the outcome of Arbitration.  We are still awaiting the final decisions of Arbitration despite requests for an early resolution in view of the escalation of events for Club owners at Los Claveles.

Onagrup/WimPen never gives you the whole story but sadly has all the ‘aces’ as it holds our assets and is trying to starve us of the funds to fight for what is ours.  You have to make your own minds up about who you believe to be right in this dispute, considering all of the considerable information made available to you from both sides, but bear in mind your committee members are the only ones who have nothing more to gain than other owners, but much more to lose with all we have invested personally.

Each part has its own administrator as defined in its Constitution or Statutes with differing duties and responsibilities.  Wimpey, and later WimPen, has been the Administrator of all three parts for most of the time the resort has been in existence.  There is nothing in any of these rules that states that there can only be one single Administrator covering all parts.  Mr. Ivan Pengelly stated at the joint AGM held in 2015, when the motion to end WimPen’s management contract was carried by the Club, that the resort would be having two administrators: one for the Club and one for Escritura owners and the DOA.

If Members are in any doubt about who to pay their maintenance fees to, please do not contact WimPen sales or administration as they are giving out the opposite advice to the Club, despite WimPen having no contractual agreement to invoice Club Members and collect maintenance payments from them.  Club President Carol Parkinson is available to give any further reassurance.  Her phone number is +44(0)7931 778886 and her email address is carol.parkinson@ntlworld.com.
 AEJF Signature

Albert Fletcher
Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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