23 February 2019 – Support legal action to recover losses from WimPen

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Bringing Charges Against WimPen for Demanding Illegal Payments
If you have been forced to make second payments of fees to WimPen to gain access to your Los Claveles apartment, or paid for alternative accommodation, given up your holiday rather than pay WimPen a second time, or lost RCI points, then  please  provide  the  information  requested below to Mac Farquhar, Club Los Claveles Committee Member, 11 Alnwickhill Road, Edinburgh EH16 6LG  email communications@losclavelesowners.eu  

As you may know, the Club’s Spanish Lawyer and Administrator, Hiro Bulchand, recently won the case against WimPen in the Court of Arona, Los Cristianos for illegally collecting payments after its contract ended in May 2017. He now wishes to proceed with a criminal case against WimPen for wrongdoing. For this he needs evidence of the losses that Club Members have suffered. This includes:

(1) A personal declaration stating what you have been forced to do in response to WimPen’s demands for payment of maintenance fees (sample for guidance here).

(2) Invoices and letters from WimPen after 3 May 2017 demanding payment of maintenance fees,and threatening to cancel your membership or send round debt collectors if you don’t pay.

(3) Receipts for payments made to WimPen in response to the above demands.

(4) A completed Statement of Losses form which is downloadable form here (An example form for guidance here).

A successful prosecution will compensate you for your losses and I urge you to give your full support to this initiative.  Rest assured that you will not have to travel to Tenerife to appear in court as a witness as this action is being taken on behalf of the Club, not individual members. 
Yours sincerely,
 AEJF Signature

Albert Fletcher

Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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