14 January 2019 – Payment of Maintenance Fees

Payment of Maintenance Fees
Club Members who have successfully reclaimed previous maintenance fees illegally demanded by WimPen from their credit card provider may be aware that WimPen no longer permits them to pay by credit or debit card. 

Club Members may also be aware that a court  judgement was made against WimPen in December 2018 for illegally demanding payments. In the weeks following the court judgement  WimPen have continued to demand payments, in contempt of the court judgement, and have lodged an appeal against it.
It is unlikely that WimPen will obey the court judgement and they will have to be forced to comply with it. This may take several weeks. Until then,  Club members affected by the card facility withdrawal will have to be prepared to pay by bank transfer at least one week before they arrive, or to pay in cash on arrival.

They will also have to be prepared for Wimpen demanding payment of sums previously recovered from Wimpen under section 75 of the Credit Act, penalty charges and late payment charges.

While this is distressing for members, including those who have been put off going to the resort or who have rented alternative accommodation in Los Cristianos, WimPen’s illegal demands are now recoverable because of the court judgement, and members affected are advised to complete the Club’s Statement of Losses Form and return it to the Committee (see form for details). It may also be possible to claim compensation, depending on the advice of the Club’s lawyer. However, members will have to be patient whilst the law takes its course and the process for recovery of losses and compensation is established.
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Albert Fletcher
Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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