13 January 2018 – Guidance on Wimpen’s Recorded Delivery Letters

Guidance from the Club Chairman on WimPen’s
Recorded Delivery Letters
Dear Owner,

The recorded delivery letters being sent by WimPen demanding payment of maintenance fees are causing unnecessary confusion and distress to Club Members.
WimPen is acting illegally in sending these letters which cost £10.74 each time and it is my duty to advise you not to sign for them.  I also advise you to ignore any phone call or email you receive from WimPen repeating what is said in the letter that you will not be allowed into your villa unless you pay WimPen before you go.
To ensure that you gain problem-free access to your villa a member of the Committee’s Admin Team will contact you 2 weeks before you travel to the resort to advise and guide you.

Please work with us on this. If you have any questions please email them to admin@losclavelesowners.eu.
Thank you.

Your Chairman, 

 AEJF Signature
Albert Fletcher
Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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