11 September 2017 – Annual General Meeting 2017   Report from the Chairman

11 September 2017
Annual General Meeting 2017
 Report from the Chairman
Dear Member

As it takes a little while to write up the minutes of the meeting I am taking this opportunity to give a brief report on the meeting.
The meeting was held at the usual venue albeit the Holiday Inn has changed its name to Citrus.  Unfortunately for those that stayed in the Hotel there were some complaints about the catering and this will be addressed.

Registration was efficient and even though there were a few arriving late and it took a little while to calculate the voting figures the meeting started on time at 11.00 am.

There were 180 people seated in the room.  The votes in the room were 255.  Maximum proxy votes were 715.  Total voting power available was 970.  This was an all-time record for a meeting of the Club.

A letter had been received from Hutchinson Trustees.  (This will be published on the Owners’ Website).  The letter apologised that they could not attend due to overseas commitments.  It also stated that they had been working closely with the Committee and have been kept up to date stating that the Arbitration result supported the transfer of trusteeship from FNTC to Hutchinson.  Hutchinson were looking forward to the transfer taking place quickly and supporting the Committee.  Hutchinson congratulated the Committee for their perseverance and on-going commitment to the Club that has led to very positive results for the Club.

The minutes of the Special General Meeting held on 22 April 2017 were approved.  This confirms the decisions made in the minutes.

1.      The Change to the Constitution
2.      Certificated Members supporting the payment of maintenance fees to the Club and not WimPen.
3.      The election of President and Chairman at an AGM.
4.      The Club continuing to support the actions against WimPen/Onagrup and FNTC.

The Committee Report was presented by Carol Parkinson, President, and was well received with spontaneous applause.  Carol was thanked for all the efforts she had made on behalf of the committee when she visited the Resort to assist owners when the Resort reopened in May.  The meeting was genuinely horrified at the treatment of Carol by Onagrup and their employees.

Item 5 on the Agenda was a change to the Constitution.  This change required a 2/3 majority and was overwhelmingly carried.  The change means that the Chairman’s and President’s term of office is 3 years to fall in line with the Committee Members term of office.

* Election of President.  Carol Parkinson was elected unopposed for a 3 year term.

* Election of Chairman.  Albert Fletcher was elected unopposed for a 3 year term.

* Committee Member Election.  Terry Smith was elected unopposed for a 3 year term.

Arbitration Report.  This was presented by Roger Lindsay, Committee Member on behalf of the Committee.  The written report can be viewed on the Owners’ Website.  Roger spoke about the background to the dispute, the Arbitration process and the findings of the Arbitrator.  Whilst the Arbitrator had declared that the Members’ Register, Club property, including all money, books and accounts have to be returned to the Chairman representing the Committee.  WimPen has refused to comply.  WimPen has chosen to appeal the Arbitrator’s findings to the Court of Session in Scotland.  We have until 2nd October 2017 to put a counter argument to the Judge.  This we will do, however it must be noted that it is the Arbitrator that WimPen is appealing against and not the Club.

Chairman’s Note:  Ask yourselves – why Mr Castro, Onagrup, wrote to all Club Members (illegally using our Members’ Register) stating that they had won the Arbitration and then appealed?  Is this someone you can trust?

Following on from the Arbitration Report the Chairman updated the meeting on the position with FNTC.  The Arbitrator had commented that he could not see any reason why FNTC had not transferred the trusteeship to Hutchinson and suggested they do this.  FNTC, so being advised, started to cooperate with transferring, however a letter was sent to them by WimPen stating that they were not going to comply with the Arbitrator’s orders and asked FNTC to do likewise.  At this point FNTC stopped the transfer process.  The Club has now taken FNTC to court and we will know if they are to defend the action by 20th September 2017.

The Agenda included an item on the accounts.  The Chairman announced that it was a requirement under the Constitution to include this item however it was with regret that no financial information on the Resort was available to him.  The Chairman had requested several times for the information to be supplied but WimPen has continued to defy the Arbitrator’s instructions to supply this information.  The meeting agreed overwhelmingly that the information on loans and donations should not be disclosed until the matter with WimPen had been resolved due to this information being used against the Club.

At the close of the meeting all Agenda items had been dealt with.  A question and answer session was held after the meeting.

 AEJF Signature

Albert Fletcher
Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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