08 November 2017 – Chairman’s Letter of Complaint to WimPen’s Ms Frubischer

Ms J Frubischer
WimPen Leisure Management S.A.
P.O. Box 5172

The Chairman,
Mr A.E.J. Fletcher JP
89 Bleak Hill Road
B23 7BT
Tel: 0121 350 3326
Email: albertejfletcher@msn.com
Complaint – Slander  
Dear Ms Frubischer,
Complaint – Slander 
It has been brought to my attention that you have been making remarks about me and the Club.  These remarks have been directed to Club Los Claveles members.  The numerous remarks include: “Mr Fletcher had been going around the resort hounding owners on sunbeds for money”  and “The present situation was down to Albert Fletcher because he wouldn’t let anyone speak at the 2015 AGM”  There are other remarks.                                                                                                                                                       
I am sure this information has been given to you by your employer and you are simply repeating it, however, this does not excuse your behaviour and your responsibilities in law, which is to be sure of your facts before repeating them.                                           
For your information I have not been able to attend the Resort for quite some time as I have been written to by Mr Castro making it clear that I would be refused entry.  He has gone as far as saying that I would be suspended from the Club if I did not pay him maintenance fees.  Clearly he does not have the legal power to do this but it shows that what you are being advised regarding conversations with owners on sunbeds could not be possible.  You will see from the minutes of the 2015 AGM that what you are saying in this regard is also nonsense.                                                                                                                                              

I have to advise you that you must be more careful before considering making accusations against me or the Club.  Failure to heed my warning may result in you personally being brought to justice.
Yours sincerely,
 AEJF Signature

A E J Fletcher JP 
Chairman, Club Los Claveles

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